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Baptist Collegiate Ministry Provided by the college ministry of the Mission Blvd. Baptist Church and is packed with information to help equip saints to defend the faith, to win the lost, and to disciple others to do likewise from Bible studies, books and links to Bible apologetics and creation science.
The Bible Believing Fundamentalist Our church is a Bible-believing, fundamental, independent Baptist church. We Exist Solely to Exalt the Savior as we Evangelize the Sinner and Edify the Saint. We have hosted THE FUNDAMENTAL FORUM on the Internet since 1995. Bible studies, Real Audio and Video, King James defense, many resources.
Book Heaven Baptist Bible Bookstore Run by Lehigh Valley Baptist Church.  Bibles, dictionaries, music and more.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library This is not a Baptist site, but is an excellent source of information.
Christian Geology Ministry Creationism and Science from an OLD Earth perspective. An exegesis on the "Gap Theory" interpretation of Genesis, the Preadamite world, and the geophysics of Noah's flood.
Contending for the Faith Bible studies, biographical sketches, Christian living/training, defense of the King James Bible, doctrinal issues, family, history, illustrations/poems/sayings/articles, preaching helps and more.
Dial-The-Truth Ministries Presenting the truth and exposing error with the light of the Word of God, with emphasis on The King James Bible, prophecy and Christian music.
Elaine's Sewing Room Modest clothing for girls and women. Purses and children's items are also available.
Free 3 Page Web Site Free web design for Baptist churches with one year hosting sign-up.
The Gospel Web A broad spectrum of Devotionals, Puritan excerpts, Old Time Baptists, Sermons, Bible Stories, etc.
Hephzibah House Hephzibah House is a place where a parent or parents can send their troubled teenage daughter over whom they have lost control. At Hephzibah House, that young woman receives structure, character training, discipline, and an academic education.
Mission Board Accounting Accounting software designed for the local church mission board.
Music for Ministry Quality Piano Accompaniment For Church Ministry.
Swordsearcher SwordSearcher 3.4 is a powerful program designed to help you study God's Word. SwordSearcher is written by a Bible Believer for Bible Believers.
Way of Life Literature The goal of Way of Life is to stand for the truth of God's Word without compromise and to produce well-documented materials to strengthen New Testament churches in these apostate days. *More resources than can be listed in this space*
World Evangelism Great resources for missionaries, preachers, churches, and all Bible Believers.




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