The Baptist Link

C. Jay's Independent Baptist Page Doctrinal lessons, King James Bible defense, good links and more.
Dividing Word Sandy Hooper's King James Bible Home Page.
Dman's Creation Evidence Website I believe that the earth was created by God in a literal 6 days, and that we have been here for only 6000 years.  I ask that you look at this page with an open mind, and think the contents over before making your own decision.
Jason's Homepage Independent, Fundamental, King James Only Baptist.
Jude's Defense of the Word of God The Five Main Areas of my Apologetics Ministry: Mormonism, Freemasonry, Jehovah's Witnesses, Evolution, and False Teachings Within The Church.
Teno's God and Country Center Creation Science, Defense of the AV 1611, and information for Bible Believing patriots.
Maverick Ministries Ministry is about the mission and the masses not mansions or mausoleums.