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I got saved in 1980 after reading a New Testament in Portuguese, distributed by the International Gideons, using the Trinitarian Bible Society text. In the following year, I was baptized and attended a small church affiliated to the Brazilian Baptist Convention in São Paulo state, Brazil, while also attending the Brazilian Air Force Academy, preparing to be a military fighter pilot. As time went by, I grew with a contagious enthusiasm in the faith and in the knowledge of The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the systematic reading of my Bible (not based solely on Received Text, which I didn't have any knowledge). This Bible (Corrigida de João Ferreira de Almeida) was edited by the Brazilian Bible Press (Imprensa Bíblica Brasileira), a JUERP (Junta de Educação Religiosa e Publicações) department ( they cut off the name "Baptist" for unknown reasons, for it was "Baptist Publishing House"). While studying the Baptist history through the centuries, I became very much impressed by the testimony of so many Baptists forefathers who gave their lives for the sake of preaching God's word under the most cruel persecutions. I loved my church and my denomination, defending them vehemently from the charismatic attacks , which also insisted in taking me away from where I was. In 1982, I participated of the centennial celebrations of the Brazilian Baptists! Oh! how I was excited! I was so happy in being free from the Roman Catholic church superstitions! The fast decay of the Brazilian Baptist Convention: Time went by and I noticed, even in this brief interval, a disturbing change. Facts that weren't echoes of the Baptist heritage of 1882 were succeeding very rapidly. Today (Feb. 2001), repudiation and hostility to fundamentalism is one of the many reasons of the sad, spectacular and notorious downward apostasy of the BRAZILIAN BAPTIST CONVENTION! Let us report not opinions, but the FACTS:

March 1996: Pastor of a Baptist Church, Rio de Janeiro state, preach in a catholic church (O Jornal Batista, march, 24th, 1996).

June 1996:Baptist Theological Seminary perform a plebiscite about female pastors. Result! Yes: 175; no: 38; nulls :5 (O Jornal Batista, June 30th , 1996).

November 1996: Former president of the Brazilian Baptist Convention, declared to a secular newspaper that, between Baptists and Catholics there are more things in common than differences, for these last ones "...are fewer than we can imagine..." (Jornal do Brasil, Nov. 24th, 1996).

April 1997: At the Sunday School Congress at a Baptist Church, pastor of Brazilian Baptist Convention and Seminary professor, after being asked if the Bible canon would still be open, answered: "...it is very unlikely..."

July 1997: Pastor of Brazilian Baptist Convention and Baptist Seminary professor, preach at a Baptist Church , saying that "...there is a need of 'Mothers Teresas' among us..." (see note 1 below).

March 30th, 1998: Brazilian Baptist Convention president "renounced his office spontaneously because of personal reasons". (O Jornal Batista, March , 1998).

1998: JUERP (Baptist press) disintegrated, after reckless administration, unpayable debts (US$ 10 million plus in 1995) under serious accusations.

1998: Pastor of a Baptist Church in Recife, Pernambuco state, declared:
"...I don't believe that God is interested in virginity..."

1999: Divorced "pastor" preaches for the second time at a Baptist Church and complained some of his friends were divorced and said we need to exercise discipline in the church (hypocrite!). When the pastor of this church was confronted privately he said that he allowed the preacher in the pulpit because: 1- The divorced man was one of his deacon's son; 2- He could not go against the schedule and; 3- He loved people very much.

1999: After evening service, at a Baptist Church, youth perform rock & roll gospel celebrating its 39th. anniversary (double dose in year 2000).

1999: Today's Language Bible (produced in Portuguese by the same apostate Robert Bratcher that produced Today's English Version in USA and with the cooperation of the Catholic church) is sold at the door of a Baptist Church (This same "Bible" is recommended to be used by the students at the Baptist Seminary of the same city).

1999: Candidate to a Baptist Church pastorate and important denominational leader at Paraná state, used Today's Language Bible in his sermon.

1999: Billy Graham, declares: "My responsibility is to preach the gospel to anyone and let them decide their own church, be it catholic, protestant, orthodox or whatever." ( Interview to Patricia Rice, St. Louis Post Dispatch , Oct. 10th., 1999).

March/2000: Baptist World Alliance president, together with Brazilian Baptist Convention president perform a reconciliation service with charismatic "Baptists" (National Baptist Convention) at a First Baptist Church of ... (Primeira Igreja Batista de ...).

March 19th, 2000: Pastor of a Baptist Church ( Convenção Batista Brasileira ) preach in his second Sunday as new pastor of that church (took office in March 11th, 2000), THAT THE ROCK OF MAT. 16:18 WOULD BE PETER! (exactly the same base of the papist theology and the indecent proposal of Today's Language Bible!)

July/2000: Sunday school magazine "Revista Pontos Salientes" of July /2000, puts in its appendix, a biography of apostate philosopher KIERKGAARD, father of existentialism and pragmatic and theological relativism, ABSTAINING OF ANY JUDGEMENT, misguiding Sunday school students and also citing Roman Catholic publishing house "editora Vozes" as bibliographical reference.

July 30th, 2000: Pastor of a Baptist Church ( Brazilian Baptist Convention - Convenção Batista Brasileira ) said that the Roman Catholic church also preserved the Bible and defended citations of Today's Language Bible, also used by his family !

August 13th, 2000: Pastor of a Baptist Church ( Brazilian Baptist Convention - Convenção Batista Brasileira ) writes in his weekly column in the church bulletin, that the fundamentalists suffer from spiritual pride.

August 20th, 2000: Brazilian Trinitarian Bible Society colorful advertisement VANISH, after only one week of exposure at a Baptist Church sunday school bulletin board (the same church that promotes Today's Language Bible).

September 15th, 2000: Pastor of a Baptist Church ( Brazilian Baptist Convention - Convenção Batista Brasileira ) promote conferences about
NETWORK MINISTRIES (see note 2 below). in his church by Pastor Armando Bispo da Cruz, Bill Hybel's top man in Brazil.

October 12th, 2000: Pastor of a Baptist Church ( Brazilian Baptist Convention - Convenção Batista Brasileira )writes derogatorily in his weekly "Pastoral" column that the fundamentalists are narrow minded. In Portuguese it was said "CATURRA" (in this we agree for also "CATURRA"= PERSON STUCK TO OLD FASHION THINGS). He (theology doctorate in Germany) said also that the fundamentalism is "the anti in person" and that it is "truth without love", and that "truth turned absolute [emphasis added! Since when truth is not absolute?] generates an attitude of exaggerated meticulousness" (!)

October 12th, 2001: Pastor Fanini preaches in an ecumenical service at Esplanada dos Ministérios, in Brasília, on the day of "senhora Aparecida", which is the roman catholic " godess" of Brazil! (Telejournal of channel 8, Rede Record, 12/10/2001)

December 06th, 2001: Pastor Fausto Vasconcelos (at that time President of Brazilian Baptist Convention - Convenção Batista Brasileira) and Pastor Fanini participated in an ECUMENICAL REUNION with catholics in Argentina! (Baptist World Alliance web-site)

January 17th, 2002: Pastor Fausto Vasconcelos hands over the Presidency of Brazilian Baptist Convention - Convenção Batista Brasileira, back to Pastor Fanini who said he is in favor of female pastors and also of a future merge with charismatics baptists.(Eclésia Magazine Jan/Fev 2002)

Note 1 : Mother Teresa of Calcuta declared: "I convert you to be a better Hindu, or a better Muslim, or a better Protestant. Once you found God, is up to you to decide how to worship him." (Mother Teresa Touched Other Faiths, Associated Press, Sept. 7, 1997) "The god that is in your mind, you must accept." (Doig, Mother Teresa, Harper & Row, 1976, p. 156). (return)

Note 2 :
NETWORK MINISTRIES is a fashion started at apostate Willow Creek Community Church, Chigaco, USA, where Pastor Bill Hybels transformed the mentioned church in a mega NEO-EVANGELICAL CIRCUS, where bizarre things happen: from charismatic phenomena , Rock 'n Roll gospel, interview with Bill Clinton, to CATHOLIC PRIEST preaching! The church of the invited speaker at that Convention Baptist Church, follows those same footsteps: they even dance "FORRÓ GOSPEL", which is a Brazilian pagan feast ritual in their church.(return)

That's what Mr. Open Minded wants to transform the Baptists church into!


The Withdrawal:

After the related facts, it is clear the impossibility for a fundamentalist insisting on remaining inside the Brazilian Baptist Convention. It is recognized that there are many who didn't bow down to the Baal of apostasy that sweeps the Convention. Contamination, however, is spreading fast. The schism that was promised for a long time, does not yet have a set date. If the break up occurs, there would be a huge loss of budget. Convention financial goals "have" to be met. Meanwhile, the fundamentalists that remain will suffer under these attacks or withdraw into inert complacency, supporting the cooperative plan so that the denomination continue to maintain these people who are not Baptists but disguise themselves as such. Let us just wait female ordinance, the endorsement of homosexual marriages, and other madness that already happen among MODERNIZED AND OPEN MINDED BAPTISTS IN USA. WE URGENTLY NEED OLD FASHIONED BELIEVERS!






"Be not deceived; God is not mocked : for whatsoever a man soweth , that shall he also reap."




This article (names also censored due legal threats) in Portuguese



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