Fundamentalist Seminaries in Brazil that fell into apostasy to the critical text

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A very important alert for those King James lovers fundamentalists who support missionaries in Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Angola and all others Portuguese speaking countries:

Ask your missionary if he uses the only Bible in Portuguese equivalent to the King James which is Almeida Corrigida e Fiel widely available from Trinitarian Bible Society of Brazil and if they are supporting Seminaries that promote modern versions, which will be described in the article below.

In Brazil, the schools cited below, should be avoided by the true fundamentalists because they (in a greater or lesser degree) abandoned the correct position about the Scriptures and fell into the adventure of textual criticism (despite the fact they know the corruptions of the modern version issue widely publicized among Regular Baptists). Some (there is not an exhaustive report of every situation individually), unfortunately, adopted the "eclectic" position (or self-service – or “choose the Bible you want or like most”) of use or tolerate the Bíblia Almeida Corrigida e Fiel (or even the Received Text on which is based) in classes, but use / tolerate / do not condemn the corrupt Bibles like the Atualizada, NVI or Linguagem de Hoje. Besides, there is the use of the Critical Text, or the other (the false one) so called Majority Text (made up by Hodges-Farstad - 1982) in Greek departament. This is the leaven ( originated also in changes of GARBC / Baptist Mid-Missions and ABWE) that has leavened the lump of fundamentalism and should be tenaciously opposed by the faithful remnant. Avoid:

1. Seminário Batista Regular do Sul - Curitiba, PR
2. Seminário Batista do Cariri - Crato, CE
3. Seminário e Instituto Batista Bereiano - Natal, RN
4. Seminário Batista Regular de São Paulo - São Paulo, SP
5. Seminário Batista Esperança - São Paulo, SP
6. Seminário Batista Regular do Amazonas - Manaus, AM

Note: All Brazilian Baptist Convention Seminaries (Bible Colleges) were omitted because of the obvious reason that they are ALL contaminated (they all mock fundamentalism)!

What is the correct position then?

The correct position regarding the Scriptures (the most important statement of faith to evaluate a Bible school) is only one for the fundamentalist (Portuguese speaking Christian):

Use only the Bible Almeida Corrigida e Fiel from Sociedade Bíblica Trinitariana do Brasil (Brazilian Branch of Trinitarian Bible Society).

Use the only Greek text preserved by God: The Received Text of 1598 that underline the King James Bible, published by Trinitarian Bible Society.

Use the only Hebrew text preserved by God: The Massoretic Text of 1524 published by Trinitarian Bible Society.

As consequence, for the sake of logic, intelligence, consistency and honesty, one should classify obviously all other “biblical” texts in Portuguese (all others based on the Critical Text ) as false and heretics, repudiating them and completely banning from use, promotion, as well as the literature based on them. The logic consequence is the support and fellowship with schools, missionaries and churches that adopt this same position.

Failure in adopt the position above, leads inevitably to the following steps:

Step 1 - Tolerance: "You don't need to agree with us, we are hurting nobody, only tolerate us and our
"Atualizada" Bible, don't speak against it nor against us! Don't say that the Atualizada, or the NVI (the despicable NIV in a lousy Portuguese version), or the BLH (Diabolic translation equal to Today's English Version), are corrupt and deserve to be thrown in the trash can." This is interpreted as ...:

Step 2 - Acceptance: "We just want you to consider our Bible as valid. We want to have fellowship. We want that our modern Bibles be also acceptable, don't close your pulpit to us with our Bible. We are in peace..."

Step 3 - Imitation: "We are the majority. All our church members, college students, pastors, youth, ladies, everybody is using our modern version! Why the children cannot imitate us? Why change it now ? This will discredit us!"

These are the steps that lead to the Leaven in Fundamentalism which is pushing the Regular Baptist people and other groups, direct to the arms of Neo-Evangelicalism .

Note: Watch the excellent tapes : The Leaven in Fundamentalism or The Bible Preserved from Satan's Attack, both produced by the excellent Fundamentalist school Pensacola Christian College.

We cannot swallow this Leaven anymore. The choice has to be made, for ignorance of the doctrine of Preservation cannot be alleged anymore.

Possible question from a potential college student:

- Brother, I agree, but there is not one Bible College in Brazil that holds this position!

Answer: Save money and go to study in USA! 1

- Brother, I can hardly pay a Bible College in Brazil!

Answer: Study by yourself! That's it! If God called you to be a preacher, go ahead. You will not be alone, for Jesus promised the Comforter, who is also the Supreme Master: The Holy Spirit! Did you forget? The best Master to teach about The Book is its Author. It is not wise to despise men of God, but if they are teaching errors so flagrant as the defense of corrupt Bibles, do not follow them, do not submit yourself to their teachings, ignore them. If they are reprobates in this fundamental subject, one can't trust them in other things less important . If you can verify, you will find out that many of the most brilliant, faithful and godly fundamentalist preachers never studied in a Bible College! Isn't that fascinating? The challenge made them outstanding students of the word of God! On the other hand, we can see, Doctors of Theology that hold wonderful diplomas and fantastic titles like "Suma cum Laude" (!), and are unbelievers, arrogants, heretics and devouring wolves of the simple faith of believers in Jesus Christ. What good is so many "titles" if these people are preaching from a wrong Bible. What good is a scholarship that undermines confidence in the Word of God?! All in vain! Much better is a preacher with less education preaching from the correct Translation. You will need, however, to exercise a lot of discipline and will need some essential books, in the priority stated below, to be part of your library:

1. Bible Almeida Corrigida e Fiel (ACF) of Sociedade Bíblica Trinitariana do Brasil (SBTB)

2. Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible Almeida Corrigida e Fiel (ACF) of SBTB

3. King James Bible and its respective Strong’s Concordance

4. Inductive Study Bible (ACF) Sociedade Bíblica Trinitariana do Brasil

5. Dispensationalism, C. Ryrie. (the best study about dispensationalism)

6. Basic Theology, C. Ryrie. (the best systematic theology but weak in Bibliology)

7. The Two Babylons, Alexander Hislop.

8. Modern Versions of The Bible (in Portuguese), David Cloud.

9. All books you can find from pastor Aníbal Pereira Reis.

In the web site below, you will find (free download), faithful material and with quality more than enough to be well prepared to be an excellent preacher of sound doctrine:

Igreja Batista de Catanduva

After being evaluated by your pastor and your Independent Baptist Church (faithful, of course, to the position defended above) they will recognize you, for the local church is the only authority to confirm what God already determined! May God bless you!

1 Access the web-sites below (the ones available) that were selected in alphabetical order (there are many more…) in the USA. They are Seminaries and Bible Colleges which are faithful to the King James Bible: Some, also, have courses by correspondence (see "Independent Baptist Bible College" and "Internet Bible Institute" below). Note the absence of the schools recognized by Regular Baptists, for the ones officially approved by GARBC have already slipped into apostasy about the issue of bibliology. It is more than proved that is the first step to fall into Neo-Evangelicalism, being only a matter of time the fall into total apostasy. These heresies begin inside the Unfaithful Seminaries and Colleges, for when they fly with their own wings, connected with the denominational machine, they become the source of heresies, apostasies that destroy fundamentalism. Notice, therefore, in alphabetical order, only 18 schools below, which represent the faithful remnant (there are more...):

BIBLE BAPTIST INSTITUTE 1618 Womrath Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124. (215) 288 5667
Pr. Victor M. Rivera / Pr. David Peterman, Sr., Director.

BLESSED HOPE BAPTIST COLLEGE 5386 Hwy. 67 South, Benton, Arkansas 72015, voice: 501 - 315 5005 Dr. Ken Graham

CAROLINA BAPTIST COLLEGE 116 S. Franklin St., Reidsville, NC 27320. (336) 634 1345
Dr. Jerry L. Carter, Pastor and President.

CROWN COLLEGE OF THE BIBLE 1700 Beaver Creek Drive, Powell, TN 37849. (web site). Dr. Clarence Sexton, President.

EMMANUEL BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Emmanuel Baptist Church, 296 New Britain Ave., Newington, CT 06111. 860-666-1055 (voice), 860-666-0146 (fax), (web site). Dr. J. Michael Bates, Pastor/President; Dr. Thomas Strouse, Dean.

FAIRHAVEN BAPTIST COLLEGE Fairhaven Baptist Church, 86 E. Oak Hill Road, Chesterton, IN 46304. 800-733-3422, 219-926-6636 (voice), 219-926-1111 (fax), (web site), (e-mail). Roger Voegtlin, Pastor/President.

FAITH BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE Faith Baptist Church, Rt. 1 Box 464, Horsecreek Rd., Seneca, PA 16346. 814-677-5172 (voice), (web site), (e-mail). Larry Williams, Pastor/President.

FAITHWAY BAPTIST COLLEGE OF CANADA Faithway Baptist Church, 1964 Salem Rd., Ajax, Ontario L1S 4S7. 905-686-0951 (voice), 905-686-1450 (fax), (e-mail), (web site). Gregory Baker, Pastor and President. Extension graduate studies available.

FELLOWSHIP BAPTIST COLLEGE 1150 SR 144, Mooresville, Indiana 46158. voice: (317) 834 2170
Dr. Everett Barnard, President.

FOUNDATIONS BIBLE COLLEGE PO Box 1166, Dunn, NC 28335-1166. Phone (910) 892-8761, web site Dr. H. T. Spence, President.

GULF COAST BIBLE INSTITUTE Post Office Box 1451, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32549
Dr. M. H. Tabb, President and Founder.

HERITAGE BAPTIST UNIVERSITY AND SEMINARY 1301 W. County Line Rd., Greenwood, IN 46142. 317-882-2327 (voice), (e-mail). Russell Dennis Jr., President.

INDEPENDENT BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE Independent Baptist Church, 9255 Piscataway Rd., P.O. Box 206, Clinton, MD 20735. 301-856-1616 (voice) Pastor Mike Creed. Extension training via the Internet.

INTERNET BIBLE INSTITUTE Mainville Baptist Church, 57 E. Foster-Maineville Rd., Maineville, OH 45039. (e-mail), (web site). Pastor Steve Hammon. A two-year extension program.

LANDMARK BAPTIST COLLEGE AND SEMINARY Landmark Baptist Church, 2222 East Hinson Ave., Haines City, FL 33844. 800-700-5322, 941-421-2937 (voice), 941-422-0188 (fax). (web site), (e-mail). Dr. Mickey Carter, Pastor/President. Extension training also available.

MARYLAND BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE Maranatha Baptist Church, P.O. Box 246, 4131 Old Neck Elk Road, Elkton, MD 21922. 800-226-0869 (voice), 410-398-6667 (voice), (web site). Dr. Allen Dickerson, Pastor. Dr. Robert Hitchens, President. Extension courses available.

PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE AND SEMINARY 25 Brent Lane, Box 18000, Pensacola, FL 32523-9160. 877-787-4723 (voice), 850-479-6548 (fax), 850-478-8496 (voice), (e-mail), (web site). Arlin Horton, President. Dr. Dell Johnson, Dean of seminary.

TABERNACLE BAPTIST COLLEGE 3931 White Horse Road Greenville, SC 29611-5599 phone: (864) 269-2760, e-mail: President: W. Melvin Aiken, D.D., D.R. Ed.

Attention: The American Schools and Seminaries cited below, are not recommended because adopted or changed to the heretic position ( or eclectic - doesn't matter) in relation to the text of the Bible:

If a missionary that you know in Brazil, fundamentalist friend, doesn't use only the Bible Almeida Corrigida e Fiel (and King James Version in English) and came from one of these schools, now you know why!

Not recommended:

Bob Jones University - Greenville, SC

Note: All this is also valid for the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship (FBF), institution dominated by Bob Jones University.

1. They sell the corrupt Bible NASB in the University bookstore.

2. Produced a despicable book called "The Mind of Man", conceived inside the president's office of Bob Jones University, mocking the King James Bible, which was once defended.

3. They put in the front cover of this despicable book (making a clear advertisement), a picture of the corrupted Revised Standard Version, a scandal of Bible which copyright is owned by the apostate National Council of Churches! What a shameful disaster!

4. Bob Jones IV (son of the current president) went to study in Notre Dame, a Catholic University !

Calvary Baptist Seminary - Lansdale, PA

Central Baptist Seminary - Plymouth, MN

Cedarville College - Cedarville, OH (fell into neo evangelicalism - they had even jazz-concert on campus!)

Clearwater Christian College - Clearwater, FL

Detroit Baptist Bible Seminary - Detroit, MI

Faith Baptist Bible College - Ankeny, IA   ( sell the corrupt NIV Bible in the College bookstore)

Maranatha Baptist Bible College - Watertown, WI

Moody Bible Institute - Chicago, Il

Northland Baptist Bible College - Dunbar, WI

Western Baptist College - Salem, OR   

(fell into neo-evangelicalism: Had drums and had female students using shorts in Chapel! Maybe that's the reason why an ABWE missionary, that promotes this institution, advertises the apostate ministry of Willow Creek and doesn't bother with the corrupt Atualizada Bible nor the NVI.)

Wheaton College - Wheaton, Il   (fell into neo-evangelicalism since 1960's)

Below is what Dr. Bob Jones III forgot about his grandfather:

The following is from The Sword Scrapbook, Sword of the Lord Publishers, Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1969:

"The King James Version is, after all, the best translation we have ever had. The very words of the Bible in the original languages were inspired of the Holy Ghost. That is what the Bible claims for itself; and that is what the born-again, Bible-believing Christians believe about the Bible. We are to search the Scriptures as our Lord commanded us; but, remember, there is a curse to those that add to the Word or take away from the Word. The hottest place in Hell will be reserved for these modernistic conspirators who, in a subtle, pious way, are trying to steal the faith of humble Christians in the Word of God. Remember, you do not have to be a scholar. You do not have to be a great authority on languages. You do not have to be a great literary genius. Remember this: any man who wonders if the Bible is the Word of God has not been born again. All born again Christians believe the Word and love the Word." --

Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.

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