1960 Reina-Valera Bible:
Falsehood and Deception in Spanish!

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10 Simple reasons why no Spanish speaking Christian
should use the corrupt Reina-Valera 1960

1. Because the ones who produced this corrupt Bible were the United Bible Societies apostates.

The United Bible Societies are one of the worst corruptors in terms of Holy Scriptures translation. In 1943, 13 apostate Bible Societies got together to form the United Bible Societies (UBS now on) which is nothing more than a gathering of liberal vultures and ecumenicals, who corrupted the pure Word of God in as many languages as they could. In English they produced all unimaginable kinds of heresies by means of the American Bible Society (ABS), including the diabolical Today's English Version (also known as Good News Bible). In Portuguese, they are also represented by Sociedade Bíblica do Brasil, which is a shame because of its ecumenism and Biblical unfaithfulness. In Spanish, they are represented by "Sociedades Bíblicas en América Latina" (Latin America Bible Societies - in practical terms, a branch of American Bible Society) which produced this 1960 Reina-Valera. Just see the "dream team" of apostates of the United Bible Societies, which even had a Catholic cardinal as a member (!). How is it possible for a fundamentalist to be so naive and inconsistent to the point of using or worse, buying this Bible?!

2. Because they misused the prestige and the name Reina-Valera dishonestly, only to take advantage of them for the sake of advertisement.

The names Reina and Valera for the Spanish speaking Christians are equivalent to João Ferreira de Almeida for Portuguese speaking Christian or King James translators for the English speaking Christians. In Spanish, Reina and Valera used the original texts recognized by the reformers and produced their translatioon which has nothing to do with the apostate theological modernisms of the 20th century.

3. Because Cassidoro de Reina (1569) and Cipriano de Valera (1602) would never publish this Bible.

Cassidoro de Reina (1520-1594) is considered the first Spanish Bible translator, work which took 12 years under the cost of much personal sacrifice. He was born in Sevilha, Spain and became a Roman Catholic monk. While he was in this monastery of San Isidro de Sevilha, he listened to the preachings from the Superior, Dr. Blanco Garcia Arias, whom on the other hand had been influenced by the preachings of the Albigenses. Reading the writings of the Reformers and the Old Latin Bible of the Waldenses, Reina got saved and converted into Protestantism. He would never join himself with the jesuit inquisitors, whom today infest and dominate the United Bible Societies and usurp his name. Cipriano de Valera (1531-1602) was disciple of Cassidoro de Reina and continued his work correcting the mistakes of the 1569 edition with the 1602 edition, eight years after the death of Cassidoro de Reina, considered a hero of the faith. The relationship of them with the Catholic Church was of separation. They had to abandon Spain in 1557 and publicly denounced the heresies of the mass and papism. The text they used was the Textus Receptus. They have nothing to do with the United Bible Societies, let alone with their corrupt Greek text, used to polute the Reina-Valera Bible.

4. Because every time somebody buys this Bible, he is helping these UBS apostates to spread the wicked seed and to implement the publishing of false Bibles.

The United Bible Societies are supported by the selling of Bibles and offerings of people. Each dime a Christian invest in these corrupt Bibles, will be used for the advance of their causes including ecumenism and the publishing of more apostasy, while many fundamental Bible Believing publishers are struggling to survive. That is the most non sense thing a Bible believing Christian could do. Our money must be spent with wisdom. This is called stewardship, or the wise administration of the resources God the Father graciously gives us. One day we will give account of everything we invested. This will happen in the Bema Seat of Christ. Is it possible for any fundamentalist to be so naive that he would think the support of apostasy and liberal vultures will not be rebuked by the Lord? Each one answer for himself... The fact however remains: "...the fire shall try..." (1Co. 3:13) Do you want to take your chance, dear brother?

5. Because this Bible does not use italics, which is a total dishonesty with the reader.

The use of italics as the King James Bible does and all which make use of the Formal equivalence method, is a sign of high esteem and consideration of the translators to the reader. Now comes the fact: This false Reina-Valera (1960) does not make use of the italics. The hide the words they subtracted added and modified so the the poor reader think that everything reflect the original (which is also corrupt by the way). They are not transparent and the reader becomes hostage of the arrogance of the heretics and liberals. It is a disaster.

6. Because this corrupt Bible is based on the Critical Greek Text of the United Bible Societies which is the most blatant fraud of Bibliology.

Dr. José Flores himself, member of this Bible translation Committee of 1960, reports that were made 10 thousand textual changes following the Revised Standard (1946), the American Standard (1901) and the English Revised Version of 1885. All these 3 English Bibles mentioned above are based on the Critical Text. Their craftiness was such that they did not base this Bible totally on the Critical Text, but they deceitfully mixed it with the Textus Receptus so that naive people would not notice so evidently. That's exactly what Satan did in the Garden. Let us briefly examine what is this Critical Text: It is a falsified Greek text forged in 1881 taking as the main source the two worst Greek manuscripts ever produced: Codex Vaticanus e Sinaiticus. This disastrous adventure, resulted in 2,886 Greek words less than the Textus Receptus (the only true Text always used), and 9,970 words removed, added or modified!

Let us see who produced this trash of Critical Text: Westcott and Hort, the Vessels of Dishonor.
Let us see the false theory behind the Critical Text: God did not preserve His Word.
Let us see only 30 clear and simple examples of the "Reina-Valera" 1960 corruptions in the table below: At the left column, we have the verses (only a small sample). At the center column, we can see the Spanish reading of the true Reina-Valera, and the King James Bible, which are obviously based on the Textus Receptus (TR) with the hightlight in yellow ( example ) signifying where the scissors of the corruptors mutilated the original, with a simple transliteration of the Greek in the small box below. At the right column we can observe the clear and undisputed proof how the reading of the false Spanish 1960 Reina-Valera Bible was based on the Critical Text (CT) and therefore, the same as the NIV, with also with the respective Greek transliteration of the corrupt and multilated text in the box below each verse. This proves therefore, beyond any doubt, that the Reina Valera 1960 Bible has many eclectic readings ( self-service at the will of the heretics) inserted from the Critical Text, the leaven of the modern pharisees and liberals. Summary: They were not faithful or consistent to anything (not totally TR, nor totally Critical Text), but only to their madness. Let us examine:



True Reina-Valera

False Reina-Valera (1960)

King James Bible


Textus Receptus (TR)

Critical Text (CT) WH



“...siendo avisados por revelacion de Dios, en sueños...”

“...siendo avisados por revelacion en sueños...”

being warned of God in a dream

“…been warned in a dream…”

chrematisthentes kat onar

chrematisthentes kat onar (= TR)


Mt. 5:22

que se enoje contra su hermano sin causa, será...”

“que se enoje contra su hermano, será ...”

is angry with his brother  without a cause, shall…”

“ is angry with his brother, will be…” 

eike enochos



Mt. 5:27

“Oísteis que fue dicho por los antiguos...”

Oísteis que fue dicho...”

     heard that it was said by them of old time…”

“”heard that it was said, do not…”

errephe tois archaiois



Mk. 1:2

Como está escrito en los profetas...”

Como está escrito en Isaías el profeta ...”

“As is it written in the prophets…”

“As it is written in Isaiah the prophet…”

en tois profetais

en to hesaia to prophete


Mk. 2:17

“...sino pecadores al arrepentimiento .

“...sino pecadores.”

“…sinners to repentance…”

“…but sinners.”

hamartolous eis metanoian



Mk. 9:24

“Creo Señor; ayuda mi incredulidad.”

“Creo; ayuda mi incredulidad.”

Lord, I believe; help thou…” 

“I do believe…”

pisteuo kurie boethei

pisteuo boethei


Mk. 11:11

padre David que viene en el nombre del Señor...”

“...padre David que viene!”

father David, that cometh in the name of the Lord…”

father David.”

en onomati kuriou

- - -


Mk. 14:22

“Tomad, comed esto es mi cuerpo.”

“Tomad, esto es mi cuerpo.”

“Take, eat: this is my body.”

“Take it, this is my body.”

eipen labete phagete touto

eipen labete touto


Lc. 2:22

“...de la purificacion de ella...”

“...de la purificacion de ellos...”

“…her purification…”

“…their purification…”

katharismou autes

katharismou auton


Lc. 2:40

“Y el niño crecía y se fortalecia en espírito y se...”

“Y el niño crecía y se fortalecia, y se...”

“And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit…”

“And the child grew and became strong, he was…”

taiouto pneumati



Lc. 4:41

“...Tú eres Cristo el Hijo de Dios...”

“...Tú eres el Hijo de Dios...”

“Thou art Christ the Son of God…”

“You are the Son of God…”

su ei o christos o uios

su ei o uios


Lc. 9:43

“...de todas las cosas que Jesús hacia...”

“...de todas las cosas que hacia...”

“…all things which Jesus did…”

“…all that Jesus did…”

epoiesen o iesus



Lc. 23:42

“Y él dijo a Jesús: Señor, acuerdate de mí...”

“Y dijo a Jesús: Acuerdate de mí...”

“And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me…”

“Then he said: Jesus remember…”

elegen to iesou, mnestheti mou kurie

elegen iesou, mnestheti mou


Jo. 6:65

“...dado de mi Padre...”

“...dado del Padre...”

given unto him of my Father…”

unless the Father has enabled him…”

tou patros mou

tou patros


Jo. 8:28

“me enseñó mi Padre, así hablo...”

“... me enseñó el Padre...”

my Father hath taught me…”

the Father has taught me…”

o pater muo

o pater


Jo. 8:38

“...he visto cerca de mi Padre;...

“...he visto cerca del

“…I have seen with my Father…”

“I have seen in the Father’s…”

to patri mou

to patri lalo


Jo. 14:28

“...porque mi Padre...”

“...porque el Padre...”

“…for my Father…”

to the Father…”

oti ho pater mou

oti ho pater


Jo. 16:10

“...por cuanto voy a mi Padre...”

“...por cuanto voy al

“…because I go to my Father…”

“…I am going to the Father…”

pros ton patera mou upago

pros ton patera upago


Ac. 3:26

“...a su Hijo Jesús, lo envió...”

“...a su Hijo, lo envió...”

“…His Son Jesus, sent him…”

“…His servant, he sent him…”

ton paida autou iesoun

ton paida autou


Ac. 6:8

“...Y Esteban, ileno de fe y de poder...”

“Y Esteban, ileno de gracia y de poder...”

“…and Steven, full of faith and power…”

and Steven, a man full of God’s grace and power…”

pisteos kai dunameos

charitos kai dunameos


Ac. 7:30

“...un ángel del Señor se le apareció...”

“...un ángel se le apareció...”

an angel of the Lord in a flame…”

an angel appeared to…”

aggelos kuriou en phlogi

aggelos en phlogi


Ac. 9:29

“...en el nombre del Señor Jesús, y disputaba...”

“...en el nombre del Señor,
y disputaba...”

“…in the name of the Lord Jesus…”

“…debated with the Grecian Jews…”

kuriou iesou elalei



Ac. 22:16

 invocando el nombre del Señor…”

invocando su nombre.”

calling on the name of the Lord…”

calling on his name…”

to onoma tou kuriou



Rm. 1:16

no me envergüenzo del evangelio de Cristo porque...”

no me envergüenzo del
evangelio, porque...”

“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ…”

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, because…”

to euaggelion tou christou dunamis

to euaggelion dunamis


Rm. 8:32

“...nos ha de dar también con él gratuitamente...”

“...nos dará también con él...”

“…how shall he not with him also freely give us…

“…how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us…

panta hemin charisetai

panta hemin charisetai (= ao TR)


1Co. 7:5

“...en la oracion y ayunas ; y volded...”

“...en la oración; y volved...”

“…to fasting and prayer and come…”

“…devote yourselves to prayer.”

te nesteia kai te proseuche kai palin

kai te proseuche kai palin


1Co. 9:1

“...visto a Jesucristo el Señor...”

“......visto a Jesús el Señor...”

“…seen Jesus Christ our Lord…”

“…seen Jesus our Lord…”

ouchi iesoun chiston

ouchi iesoun


Ef. 3:9

“...en Dios que creó todas las cosas por medio de Jesucristo.”

“...en Dios que creó todas las cosas.”

“…God who created all things by Jesus Christ.”

“…God who created all things.”

panta krisanti dia iesou chistou

panta krisanti


1Pe. 2:2

“...para que por ella vas creciendo ...”

“...para que por ella crezcáis para salvación...”

“…that ye may grow thereby…”

“…that you may grow up in your salvation.”

en auto auxethete

en auto auxethete eis soterian


Ap. 22:14

“...los que guardan sus mandamientos...”

“...los que lavan sus ropas...”

“…do his commandments…”

“…wash their robes…”

tas entolas autou

tas stolas auton


7. Because this Bible is based on the Kittel Hebrew Critical Text which is corrupt with thousands of changes.

The UBS do not use as a base for their OT translations, the Hebrew Massoretic text of 1524/25 by Daniel Bomberg. This is the true Textus Receptus of the Old Testament, which was preserved by God throughout History and used as the text which underlies our King James Bible. The other text, which is false, is this produced by this German apostate Rudolph Kittel (1853 - 1929) and was named BHK (Biblia Hebraica Kittel). Truer name could not be given because obviously, this corrupt text is not of God. This corrupt text is totally despised by the Jews who never used it. This work was contaminated by the same wicked textual theories which radically altered the New testament. Besides all these unbelivable facts, this Rudolph Kittel, as well as his son Gehard Kittel (1888 - 1948) were nazis and anti-semitics. Gehard, also was accused as a war criminal after the WW II. Why in the world an anti-semitic would dare to alter the Hebrew Bible, kidnapping "...the oracles of God..." (Rom. 3:2) from the Jews!!! All United Bible Societies translations are contaminated with this corrupt text including The Reina-Valera 1960. If we do our homework in the Old Testament we will be outraged before all unbelivable corruptions!

8. Because this Bible is based upon the corrupt Method of Dynamic Equivalence:

The method of dynamic equivalance was promoted by this apostate, member of the United Bible Societies - American Bible Society between 1946 and 1980. He is called Eugene Nida. That is exactly what Satan did in the garden of Eden, when he added, subtracted and modified the Word of God. This method of translation (another little nice name for blatant lie) totally disrespect the sanctity and preciseness of the Verbal Inspiration, and goes to the adventure of playing with the sacred words. Below is only one example of thousands that could be given:
2 Samuel 15:7
False Reina-Valera (1960) : "...cuatro años..." (four years)
True translation: "...cuarenta años..." (forty years)

9. Because the Catholic Church is involved up to her neck with the United Bible Societies (a branch of the wicked World Council of Churches!).

Let us see this following chronological sequence of events, not opinions:

In 1959: The United Bible Societies came with a corrupt Bible in Portuguese called Atualizada.

In 1960: The United Bible Societies came with this corruption called Reina-Valera 1960.

In 1966: The United Bible Societies came with this "Good News for Modern Man" one of the most wicked deceptions.

In 1967: Catholic Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini ( during years a strong candidate to be the next pope) was one of the editors of the UBS Greek New Testament.

In 1968: The American Bible Society (UBS member) published an article entitled Basic Principles for Cooperation with Members of Distinct Confessions in Bible Translations. According to Roman Catholic periodicals, this article was previously approved by the pope and by the Vatican secretary Pro-Unity. In this article is clarified the policy of the National Bible Societies (the very members of the United Bible Societies) which have to colaborate with Catholic Scholars. The Atualizada Bible in Portuguese, published in 1959 (only 1 year before the Reina Velera 1960) was recomended in June 10th, 1968 (what a coincidence!) by the National Conference of Brazilian Catholic Bishops to all Portuguese speaking Catholics.

In 1976: More than 130 ecumenical projects were going on at UBS.

In 1984: From the 590 translation projects of the UBS, 390 had Catholic participation. They even presented a copy of the New ecumenical Bible in Italian to the pope!!! (See the Book 'Unholy Hands on God's Holy Book', David Cloud). To use this corrupt version is a tragic decision a Christian could take, which means to colaborate all these apostasies.

  The Reina-Valera 1960 is a Catholic Bible!

10. Because this Bible carries inside itself the seed of aposatasy and Divine curse upon those who corrupt the Word of God.

The apostasy in its seed form will be harvested some day. The question which remains is: By whom? Jesus said:"...there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known..." (Mt. 10:26) When Jesus closed the last book he said in Re. 22:18: "For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:" Does not make sense to believe that a Christian concienciously can support a Bible which is under such curses as this false Bible called Reina-Valera 1960.


The issue of the Spanish Bible is coming to an excellent solution. It is the project of the Valera 1602-R*, which is a revision of Reina-Valera corrected 100% according to the Textus Receptus that underlines the King james Bible. This solution would only be possible however with the total rejection of this Reina-Valera 1960 which must be categorically condemned by the fundamentalists. This Elephant cannot live in your living room anymore!

There is a person called Calvin George, who claims to be a fundamentalist, but is spreading a lot of misinformation and errors about the Bible issue. This confused person betrays himself in his book: "The Battle for The Spanish Bible" (a better title would be "An attempt to save the Reina-Valera 1960 Bible") He wrote:
1. "...The KJV translators occasionally translated thoughts rather than words..."
2. "...the KJV translators apparently departed from the TR..."
3. "...Jesus" was replaced with the personal pronoun "he" in the Spanish Bible. The use of personal pronouns in these cases is really not a problem..."
4. "...This W&H based Chinese Bible, IF IT IS the best available, should be printed, distributed and used..."
5. "...I do not believe that the use of italics is of no value, but I personally feel that they are of little value...."
6. "...I believe the Westcott and Hort texts can be consulted..."
7. "...the King James Bible '1611' we use today is not a true 1611..."
8. "...I believe it is possible for the current KJV... to contain human error..."

He also said that the Reina Valera translation is inspired... (p. 114);

(no comments needed for such ridiculous heresies... He just deserves to be ignored.)


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