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Calvinism - many write about it and preach about it- but how many really know what Calvinism is? A quick look around a few anti-Calvinist sites reveal that an appalling ignorance is no excuse to hold fire on the subject. Below is a multiple choice quiz for all budding Calvinists (and others) which should reveal just how much you really do know!

Print it out on to a sheet and after you have done the quiz, click here for answers with brief explanations.

1) The difference between a Calvinist and a hyper Calvinist is:

A/ Just one of degree „

B/ No difference „

C/ A hyper Calvinist denies some important parts of the Calvinist belief „

2) When it comes to evangelism and soul winning, a Calvinist:

A/ Evangelise only the elect „

B/ Evangelises (as much as he can) all men „

C/ Does not evangelise at all „

3) Calvinists "limit the atonement" in:

A/ It’s merits or worth „

B/ It’s intention or purpose„

C/ It’s proclamation „

4) Calvinist’s believe that evangelism is:

A/ The means God uses to accomplish His own purposes „

B/ A waste of time „

C/ An Arminian invention „

5) Calvinist’s believe TOTAL DEPRAVITY means:

A/ Sin has affected the whole man: body, soul and spirit „

B/ Every man must be as wicked as he possibly can be „

C/ No third option! „

6) Calvinists believe that God damns men for:

A/ The sheer fun of it „

B/ Their own personal sin „

C/ Only to prove His justice „

7) Calvinists believe that God elected men to salvation when they were viewed:

A/ In a state of neutrality „

B/ Were viewed as sinners „

C/ God didn’t elect men at all „

8) Calvinists believe that God’s grace:

A/ Can never ever be resisted „

B/ Can never ever be resisted by the elect „

C/ At a certain point only can the elect never resist the grace of God „

9) Calvinists believe that the elect

A/ Are left to their own free wills to come to Christ „

B/ Are brought kicking and screaming to Christ „

C/ Have their wills renewed by the power of God and are brought willing to Christ „

10) Calvinists believe that the saints

A/ Will persevere through God's appointed means and by God's help „

B/ Won't all persevere „

C/ Will be saved whether they are holy or not „

11) Calvinists believe that all non Calvinists are:

A/ Damned until they formally accept the 5 points of Calvinism „

B/ Heretics with whom we should have nothing to do „

C/ Fellow believers in the Lord „


Click here for answers