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* What CHS said about Ireland and the Irish

* How CHS came to Jesus Christ

* What CHS thought of John Calvin and Calvinism in general

* What CHS thought on Limited Atonement in general

*12 proofs Spurgeon believed in Total Depravity

* 12 proofs Spurgeon believed in Unconditional Election

* 12 proofs Spurgeon believed in Particular Redemption

* 12 proofs Spurgeon believed in Irresistible Grace

* 12 proofs Spurgeon believed in the Perseverance of the Saints

* CH Spurgeon - a Calvinist to the last Drawn from Spurgeon's own comments - evidence that he believed in the 5 points of Calvinism right to the end of his life and ministry.

* What claim is this OR Who are you kidding Mr Hunt? Examining and demolishing Dave Hunt's extraordinary claim that CH Spurgeon "unequivocally" denied Particular Redemption.

* Dave Hunt…CH Spurgeon and Calvinism: A look at some references from Dave Hunt's new book where he quotes from Spurgeon to attack Calvinism.