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C. Jay's Independent Baptist Page Doctrinal lessons, King James Bible defense, good links and more.
Dial-The-Truth Ministries Presenting the truth and exposing error with the light of the Word of God, with emphasis on The King James Bible, prophecy and Christian music.
The King James Bible Page It is my belief that the King James Bible, originally known as the Authorized Version, is God's perfect word in the English language without admixture of error. This site is here to help tell you why I believe that.
Preserved Words A Website Dedicated to Promoting the Preserved, Pure Word of God in the English Language The Authorized King James Bible of 1611—and the Sound Doctrine it Reveals
Soujourners of the LORD King James Bible studies, Manuscript Evidence, Textual Criticism, KJB Contoversy and more.
Teno's God and Country Center Creation Science, Defense of the AV 1611, and information for Bible Believing patriots.